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European Union Reference Laboratory for Genetically Modified Food and Feed (EURL GMFF)

Last update: 19/12/2023

Method validations

The following table provides information on the validation studies conducted by the EURL GMFF in support of applications submitted under Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003. In addition it provides information on former validations performed by the EURL GMFF on methods submitted under Directive 2001/18/EC.

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EURL code GMO Legislation GM event Organism Unique ID Applicant Status Files
EURL-VL-09/19 Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 DP23211 maize DP-Ø23211-2 Pioneer Validation completed download icon
EURL-VL-01/22 Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 MON 95275 maize MON-95275-7 Bayer Agriculture BVBA Validation completed download icon
EURL-VL-02/20 Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 MS11 x RF3 x MON 88302 oilseed rape BCS-BNØ12-7 x ACS-BNØØ3-6 x MON-883Ø2-9 BASF Agricultural Solutions Seed US Step 5 (reporting)
EURL-VL-04/19 Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 NS-B50027-4 oilseed rape NS-B5ØØ27-4 Nuseed Step 3 (experimental testing) ongoing
EURL-VL-04/21 Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 DP-910521-2 maize DP-91Ø521-2 Corteva Step 5 (reporting)
EURL-VL-06/22 Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 MON 94804 maize MON-948Ø4-4 Bayer CropScience Step 4 (collaborative trial)
EURL-VL-04/22 Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 DP51291 maize DP-Ø51291-2 Corteva Step 4 (collaborative trial)
EURL-VL-02/22 Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 MON 94313 soybean MON-94313-8 Bayer Agriculture BVBA Step 5 (reporting)
EURL-VL-05/22 Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 MON 94100 x MON 88302 x Rf3 oilseed rape MON-941ØØ-2 x MON-883Ø2-9 x ACS-BNØØ3-6 Bayer CropScience Step 5 (reporting)
EURL-VL-03/18 Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 MON 87427 x MON 89034 x MON 810 x MIR162 x MON 87411 x MON 87419 maize MON-87427-7 x MON-89Ø34-3 x MON-ØØ81Ø-6 x SYN-IR162-4 x MON-87411-9 x MON-87419-8 Bayer Agriculture BVBA Withdrawn