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Description:Quantitative PCR method for detection of oilseed rape event Rf2 (verified by the EU-RL GMFF in the context of Commission Decision 2007/306/EC) Targets:5'-host genome<--->insert GMO-UID:ACS-BN002-5


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Description:Brassica napus trangenic line Rf2 right border junction sequence of transgenic event genomic sequence.
Taxon:Brassica napus
Original size:2943 bp

Predicted amplification details:

Mismatches Gaps From To Strand Amplicon size
0 0 213 316 - 104


1     gggtgagaca atatatcgac gtatatatag ctgtgccagt acaatattac
51    tcaccggcca aattcgctct tagccgtaca atattactca ccggtgcgat
101   gccc 

Primers and probe alignment:

Primer/Probe % Identity Length Mismatches Gaps From To Score
primerA 100.000 21 0 0 1 21 1.54e-09
primerB 100.000 18 0 0 104 87 5.84e-08
probe 100.000 26 0 0 52 77 3.37e-12


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