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QL-ELE-00-011 Go to GMOMETHODS record
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Description:Qualitative PCR method for detection of nopaline synthase terminator (Reiting et al., 2007). Targets:T-nos<--->T-nos
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Database:nt Go to original record
Description:Gossypium hirsutum transgenic clone LLcotton25 phosphinothricin N-acetyltransferase gene, complete cds.
Taxon:Gossypium hirsutum
Original size:4644 bp
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Predicted amplification details:

Mismatches Gaps From To Strand Amplicon size
0 0 3825 3908 + 84


1     catgtaatgc atgacgttat ttatgagatg ggtttttatg attagagtcc
51    cgcaattata catttaatac gcgatagaaa acaa 
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Primers and probe alignment:

Primer/Probe % Identity Length Mismatches Gaps From To Score
primerA 100.000 25 0 0 1 25 9.20e-12
primerB 100.000 25 0 0 84 60 9.20e-12
probe 100.000 28 0 0 28 55 2.28e-13

For more information, see:
"JRC GMO-Amplicons: a collection of nucleic acid sequences related to genetically modified organisms." Database (Oxford). 2015 Sep 30;2015. link

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