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 nt GenBank nt section
 nrnl1 EMBL-EBI non-redundant patent nucleotides level-1
 emblconexp EMBL-EBI plant expanded contigs section
 emblreltgn EMBL-EBI transgenic sequences section
 emblrelpat EMBL-EBI patents sequences section
 patnt GenBank patents section

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Results : 1083 amplicons

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Record DB Record description Record length Taxon Method Amplicon size Match details
AB303064.1 nt Binary vector pUB-GW-GFP DNA, compl... 11720 Binary vector pUB-GW-GFP QL-ELE-00-023 137bp View
AB303065.1 nt Binary vector pUB-GW-Hyg DNA, compl... 12063 Binary vector pUB-GW-Hyg QL-ELE-00-023 137bp View
AB303066.1 nt Binary vector pUB-GWS-GFP DNA, comp... 13840 Binary vector pUB-GWS-GFP QL-ELE-00-023 137bp View
AB303067.1 nt Binary vector pUB-GWS-Hyg DNA, comp... 14183 Binary vector pUB-GWS-Hyg QL-ELE-00-023 137bp View
AB303068.1 nt Binary vector pUB-GFP DNA, complete... 10031 Binary vector pUB-GFP QL-ELE-00-023 137bp View
AB303069.1 nt Binary vector pUB-Hyg DNA, complete... 10374 Binary vector pUB-Hyg QL-ELE-00-023 137bp View
AB684626.1 nt Cloning vector pSolycp00001 DNA, co... 11143 Cloning vector pSolycp00001 QL-ELE-00-023 137bp View
AB684627.1 nt Cloning vector pSolycp00002 DNA, co... 14305 Cloning vector pSolycp00002 QL-ELE-00-023 137bp View
AB684628.1 nt Cloning vector pSolycp00003 DNA, co... 14309 Cloning vector pSolycp00003 QL-ELE-00-023 137bp View
AB684629.1 nt Cloning vector pSolycp00004 DNA, co... 14312 Cloning vector pSolycp00004 QL-ELE-00-023 137bp View
AB684630.1 nt Cloning vector pSolycp00005 DNA, co... 11811 Cloning vector pSolycp00005 QL-ELE-00-023 137bp View
AB684631.1 nt Cloning vector pSolycp00006 DNA, co... 11781 Cloning vector pSolycp00006 QL-ELE-00-023 137bp View
AB684632.1 nt Cloning vector pSolycp00007 DNA, co... 11812 Cloning vector pSolycp00007 QL-ELE-00-023 137bp View
AB684633.1 nt Cloning vector pSolycp00008 DNA, co... 11812 Cloning vector pSolycp00008 QL-ELE-00-023 137bp View
AB684634.1 nt Cloning vector pSolycp00009 DNA, co... 11899 Cloning vector pSolycp00009 QL-ELE-00-023 137bp View
AB684635.1 nt Cloning vector pSolycp00010 DNA, co... 11812 Cloning vector pSolycp00010 QL-ELE-00-023 137bp View
AB684636.1 nt Cloning vector pSolycp00011 DNA, co... 11811 Cloning vector pSolycp00011 QL-ELE-00-023 137bp View
AB684637.1 nt Cloning vector pSolycp00012 DNA, co... 11812 Cloning vector pSolycp00012 QL-ELE-00-023 137bp View
AB684638.1 nt Cloning vector pSolycp00013 DNA, co... 11786 Cloning vector pSolycp00013 QL-ELE-00-023 137bp View
AB684639.1 nt Cloning vector pSolycp00014 DNA, co... 11778 Cloning vector pSolycp00014 QL-ELE-00-023 137bp View

For more information, see:
"JRC GMO-Amplicons: a collection of nucleic acid sequences related to genetically modified organisms." Database (Oxford). 2015 Sep 30;2015. link

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