Interactive DVD "Detecting GMOs"

dvdThe interactive course on 'The Analysis of food and feed samples for the presence of genetically modified organisism (GMOs)’ covers a broad spectrum of topics required by anyone wishing to enter and work in the field of GMO detection: theoretical information is complemented by a wide variety of commonly used techniques for GMO detection, identification, characterisation, and quantification. This successful communication tool is conceived to deliver consistent training contents in a significant time and cost saving manner, compared to traditional approaches. Multimedia files are exploited to achieve the best didactical result; audio and video-clips from laboratory, charts from theoretical lessons, technical and legislative texts integrate the tool. The DVD is available upon request.

Click here to download the ISO image of the DVD (file size 1.68 GB)

To create a DVD from the ISO file, please search the internet for "iso image burner" and/or select your favorite software.


User Manual "The Analysis of Food Samples for the Presence of Genetically Modified Organisms" (Under revision)

The User Manual, prepared as background information for course participants, provides theoretical and practical information on the methodologies and protocols currently used in GMO detection, identification and quantification. In addition, it provides information on the practical implementation of evolving European legislation dealing with GMOs, as useful background for decision-makers, ministries and national or international agencies. The User Manual is available in 5 languages (English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Russian).





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