International Workshop of GMO-analysis networking

Organised by European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC)

in collaboration with

Directorate General for Health and Consumers (DG SANTE)

under the ‘Better Training for Safer Food’ Programme

JRC - Ispra (Italy)
8 - 9 april 2013


DAY 1 - Chair: Joachim Kreysa

09.15-9.30            Welcome
                              Krzysztof Maruszewski, JRC/IHCP-Director

09.30-9.45            Framing of the meeting
                             Joachim Kreysa, JRC/MBG & EURL GMFF

Session 1: Technical update & Future challenges/needs

09.45-10.15          Technical Session I: State-of-play – available methods for the detection, identification, and quantification of GM-material in food and feed
                             Jana Zel, National Institute of Biology, Slovenia

10.15-10.45          Technical Session II: Coping with the growing number of GMOs - towards a universal detection strategy
                             Arne Holst-Jensen, Norwegian Veterinary Institute, Norway

10.45-11.15          coffee break

11.15-11.45          Technical Session III: An overview of technical GMO detection challenges: historical overview and future challenges
                              Marc De Loose, ILVO, Belgium

11.45-12.15           Technical Session IV: Upcoming challenges – GMO analysis in a Bio-economy context
                              Guy Van den Eede, JRC/Bio-economy

12.15 -14.15         LUNCH BREAK and Lab Visit

Session 2: Regional meetings / 5 break out groups

14.15-14.45          Technical Session V: The Better Training for Safer Food programme - Towards global harmonisation of GMO analysis
                              Koen Van Dyck, DG SANTE

14.45-15.00           Framing of the regional meetings

15.00 -17.15          Regional meetings (Asia, Sub Saharan Africa, MENA, Latin America, Europe)

16.00-16:20          coffee break

17.15                      End of Day 1


DAY 2 - Chair: Joachim Kreysa

Session 3: Technical update & Future challenges/needs (continuation from day 1)

09.00-09.30          Technical Session VI: Certified Reference Materials and Measurement Uncertainty
                             Stefanie Trapmann, JRC IRMM

09.30-10.00         Technical Session VII: Flexible scope accreditation
                             Stefanie Trapmann, JRC IRMM

Session 4: Regional perspectives

                              (a) State of GMO analysis, incl. existing/developing regional networks and
                              (b) outcome of the regional meetings of day 1

 10.00-10.30         Middle East North Africa (MENA)
                             Nisreen Al-Hmoud

10.30-11.00          Asia (incl. ASEAN)
                             Paul Chew

11.00-11.30          Coffee break

11.30-12.00          Africa (incl. SANGL)
                             Chris Viljoen

12.00-12.30          Latin America (incl. RLAC OGM)
                             Natalhie Campos Reales

12.30-13.00          Europe (incl. ENGL)
                              Ilaria Ciabatti

 13.00-15.00          LUNCH BREAK and lab visit

Session 5: The way ahead

15.00 – 16.30          Plenary discussion

16.30 – 16.45          Closure of the meeting
                                K. Maruszewski

16.45-17.00             Goodbye Coffee








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