Capacity building

One of the tasks of the EURL is to provide training in advanced methods for the detection, identification and quantification of GMO in raw materials for the production of food and feed stuff as well as in finished food and feed products. In order to disseminate the relevant knowledge beyond the EU-27, the JRC, hosting the EURL has engaged in capacity building activities, strongly supported by the "Better Testing for Safer Food" program of DG SANTE (Better Training for Safer Food Programme) and in cooperation with the DG Enlargement (DG ELARG – TAIEX programme).

This section of the website presents these international activities related to capacity building and training and provides regular updates on workshops, training sessions and conferences that we organise in order to foster international collaboration and harmonisation in GMO-analysis.

History: Since 2000, the European Commission, in collaboration with the WHO and other institutions, has conducted a series of trainings on the analysis of food and feed samples for the presence of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), their identification and quantification. The scope covered analytical biotechnology skills required for GMO testing, the proper implementation of facilities and expertise, and the promotion of useing method that are validated and harmonised.






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