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Definition of minimum performance requirements for analytical methods of GMO testing



Document valid from 20/10/2015



Document valid
until 19/10/2015
Guideline for the submission of DNA sequences derived from genetically modified organisms and associated annotations within the framework of Directive 2001/18/EC and Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 24/04/2017


Form for the submission of DNA sequences and associated annotations to the European Union Reference Laboratory for GM Food and Feed or EFSA, according to appropriate existing EU legislation (Annex 01) 24/04/2017 doc
Instructions to organise the sequencing information and data submitted inaccordance to the 'Guideline' (Annex 02) 24/04/2017 doc
Annex 02 supporting info 24/04/2017

Overview on the detection, interpretation and reporting on the presence of unauthorised genetically modified materials 23/03/2012 doc
Technical guidance document from the European Union Reference Laboratory for Genetically Modified Food and Feed on the implementation of Commission Regulation (EU) NO 619/2011 01/09/2011 doc
Verification of analytical methods for GMO testing when implementing interlaboratory validated methods - Version 2 13/02/2018 doc
Supplementary information 13/02/2018
Explanatory notes to applicants (Reg (EU) No 120/2014)


Explanatory notes to applicants (Reg. EU No. 503/2013)


Explanatory notes to applicants (Reg. EC No. 641/2004) 13/04/2009 doc
Note to the applicants on the type and nature of control samples according to Reg. (EC) No 1829/2003 30/01/2008 doc
Description of the EU-RL GMFF validation process 24/04/2017 doc
Format to provide information on GM detection methods and related samples 24/04/2017 doc
Template protocol format for submission of a
GMO specific real-time PCR system
10/02/2015 doc




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